About Me =D (Dimsy, Miss D)


Well I’m a young girl from Uk who is crazy in love with music- good music. And following that, I also love to sing, and so like collecting lyrics which is how this website came about. I’m 20 years old and go uni and thats why some of the times, I take leaves from posting. Other times, I try my best to post good quality lyrics and translations.

Anyways so this is a short profile of me:

Age: 20

Mother Tongue: Tamil

Height: 5’5

Likes: Music, Dance, Theme Parks, having a laugh, Shopping,

Dislikes: Snobs, Spinach, lazy pplz, pplz hu swear 2much

Favourite food: Mutton, non-veg

Favourite actor: Vijay Vijay Vijay

Favourite actress: Nayanthara, Genelia, Jothika

Favourite films: Anniyan, Chandramukhi, Alaipayuthey, Azhagiya Thamizh Magan, Pokkiri, Ghilli, Minaale, Chennai 600028, Veyil, Paruthi Veeran, Unnaale Unnaale, New, Thenali, Santhosh Subramaniam, Thiruda Thirudi, Enaku 20 Unaku 18

Favourite Colour: Black

Wana know more? Leave me a comment below

* I would like to credit vijay ganesh subramaniam from chennai for some of his great lyrics and jozzie for some of her greatest translations. THANKS *

71 Responses to “About Me =D (Dimsy, Miss D)”

  1. send va va anbea…. song

  2. what film is that in?

  3. can u send me a song(nila kankirathu)

  4. and a song(enn vithu thotatil)

  5. can u send me the lyrics of the song kaa karupanakum sung by shalini singh in the movie dasavatharam

  6. En veetu thottalil is on the database

    I just added kaa karupanakum
    >> https://tamilyrics.wordpress.com/2008/06/20/kaa-karupanukum-dasavatharam-lyrics/

  7. Cool working going on!!!

  8. u have ignited my passion for the rich litreaure in tamil songs.

  9. lol nyc to knw baba 😀

  10. Hello Miss D or Dimsy 🙂 I am Giri, 17, Indian.
    You have been doing a great JOB by posting Lyrics and all of them are Being at GREAT Quality 🙂 I Would love to inform you that TamilZune -> (www.tamilzune.com) Only Original Tamil High Quality Audio Release site loves to support you and your Lyrics 🙂 We would love you to provide you with Latest songs at the Earliest which you can use to make your Lyrics and we are also happy to share you lyrics from our databaste too 🙂

    If you want to know more about this partnership please reply as soon as possible to this Mail ID -> allmail2giri@yahoo.co.in
    Where we can talk about more details 🙂

    Our goal is to make Tamil Rule ! 😉 Bye 😉

  11. Hey! I live in Ontario, Canada! I hav some relatives in UK and just like u, I’m crazy for music too! I’m 12 years old and I’m in gr.7 now! Add me: harjee_kitty@hotmail.com. How do you make an account on this? Email me how after u added me on msn! 😀 =] ❤ xoxo (L)

  12. can u add pls lyrics of andie ennadie raakaama…

  13. hi can u send newyork nagaram from sillendru oru kadhal.
    thanks u

  14. Heyya Miss D, how do we create an account in this page. Are we able to create one here ?

  15. thanks

  16. ur welcome franklin

    i don’t think i understand what you mean arassu

  17. d di , y dont u add updates on ur front page , it makes it lot more interactve

  18. ur 16 and u go to college already? wow!

    good job on posting lyrics. u should post ur karaokes too. i mean, u sing right. so why not?

    see u, friend.

  19. ok thanks for ur suggestions
    i’ll try and do that Baba 😀

    and nanji i do post karaokes
    >> singtamil.wordpress.com

    check it out

  20. How did u choose loosu?

  21. wot do u mean?

  22. wow…that’s awesome!

    Could u make karaokes for “nenjukkul” from vaaranam aayiram and “kaatril varum” from oru naal oru kanavu.

    Could u pls do that…it would mean a lot to me!

  23. will try nanji x

  24. Can u do “marudhani” from sakkarakatti instead of kaatril varum…:D

    Sorry for being annoying……..

  25. Great job, excellent collection and I am puzzled how u can get the lyrics of some complex rap songs.
    I Guess you are a full time professional singer in the disguise of student. 😉

  26. nope i’m a full time student
    y dnt u believe mee???
    rap n rnb r my favourite types of music 😀

  27. i want un thalai mudi from kathalil vizhuthen pls……..post it

  28. kadhal theeviravathi- pandhayam >>

  29. un thalai mudi- kadhalil vizhunthen>>


  30. kaadhal dhevadhai neril vanthatho from thozha movie

  31. hey, nice work compiling all these lyrics. i’ve bookmarked your site! if it’s possible you should try expanding it to some old 90s-2000s movies as well.

  32. hey u have done a good work
    thx 4 ur Lyrics
    I want to get to know you?????
    when u can pls send an mail,

    bye [Divi.B]

  33. pls pubilish the song vo vaaranam aaiyram – ava enna patha anjalee…

  34. hi pls post lyrics of song vizhiyil vizhiyil from mahesh,saranya matrum palar movie …download link is http://www.mp3axe.com

  35. hi i need song antha vanukku rendu deepankal from pomahal urvalam

    this site very nice ya
    if u have time join with us

  36. Villu songs’ lyrics are wonderful !!!!

  37. You are doing a great job !!! Weldon 🙂

  38. hey D its nice de but why dont u post some 1980’s songs….

  39. hello
    can u send kadhalviruz songs ” Kadhala Illai Kaamam ” plz
    ur website is great



  42. hi

    can u post the lyrics of ” Who Is My Ponthathi ”

    Kadhalviruz ft. Slim D

  43. who is my ponthathi iz nt out yet 🙂

  44. yee it iz..gd site u gt goin ere..ur d onli one ive found online wid siragugal lyrikz..Mz D..letme knw if u wnt the who is my pondaati choon by kadalviruz..x

  45. no who is my pondaati is out yet
    otherwise it’ll be on his site
    but its not

    who told you it’s out?

  46. hi its me again

    for “Who Is My Ponthathi” go to


  47. lol..Who is My pondaathi iz out because i have it..its not a net release..

  48. thanks a lot for all the lyrics you have posted

  49. xcellent work ma ! it seemz dat u r da 1st one da net 2 have released da entire lyrix data of “Aadhavan” !!! u have really done a great job n keep it up !
    tc, Kiss !

  50. i love tamil songs too :):):):)
    thhxx 4 uploadin this lyrics 4 all of uss :D:D:D:D

    • WOW LUCKY uve seen vijay, apparently hes always seen walking around the london shopping centre Bluewaters bt I never c him!
      Hes rlly quiet isnt he?

  51. Hey just wanted to say. I’m tryin to learn to read tamil so if you ever find somewhere with lyrics also in tamil text then let me kno.

  52. thank you 4 your wonderful lyrics. im only 15 but i love to listen 2 songs and a huge appreciation just 4 u

  53. hello all friend here abd welcome to friend here i hope have nice time here

  54. i like ur voice .
    thank u very much this song (enthiran)
    i wish u lot of more

  55. Great Job !!! enjoyed ur site

  56. Hey Dimzzzz !!!!!

    Whts ur all tym fav song?

  57. Hey Dimsyyyy !!!! Wud like to b a part of this.. tell me how can i send yu the lyrics…. tht will be my contribution !!!!!!!!

  58. hey there iam from UK as well!! in london

  59. hi dimz,
    what s ur email id in facebook???????????

  60. Great job. I am not a Tamilian and not fluent in the language. However I love to hum along the beautiful compositions of ARR, HJ, U1 . This website is a boon. I particularly loved the posts that had the translated English lyrics as well.

    Kudos for maintaining the same. And being consistent over a long period of time

    PS: For the past few months I have had a huge fixation on the songs of VTV. Was glad to have found all the songs with English translations as well here 🙂


  61. Nice Work Miss D…

    C u

  62. nic work ya snd some collections of ajith sngs

  63. Hey dimsy,
    u told me that …
    rap n rnb r your favourite types of music 🙂

    waiting for the rap lyrics of irumbiley from ROBO !!

    – Vasanth

  64. You got a very interesting site! Congrats n thanks coz I pick alot lyrics from your site. Nandri!


  65. interesting site… loving it… I too have started a blog for meaningful Tamil songs that I love to listen… let me know your thoughts…



  66. Pls translate Naan Mahaan Alla’s – Iragai Pole song. Pls Pls Pls:-).

  67. hai miss dimsy can u plz upload eli re li song from yaadein and yeh ishq hai song from jab we met

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