Partha Mudhal Naale (Translated into English)- Vettaiyadu Vilayadu Lyrics



           On the day I first met you my heart wondered if it was all a beautiful mirage

           You rushed as a  mighty wave and hit me
           You intensified  into an ocean and pulled me into you

           Deeply immersed in  your boundless love even I started melting!!

Male: Your eyes are not able to hide

          Your eyes shows the love flowing freely

           On seeing the love brimming in your eyes

           I lost track of time and cant distinguish day and night!!
         You amaze me by possessing a knowlede about me which even I am unaware of

         I yearn to fulfill all your desires even before u ask for them my love

         Your never have a heart to leave me even after bidding a thousand good byes

        You leave unwillingly  and  you turn back and give me that enticing smile of yours!!

Female: The very first moment my eyelids part at dawn 

          It Yearns for a glimpse of your charming face

           The last vision that I have before sleep embraces me is you my dear

  Male: In the middle of the darkness I wakeup to enjoy your lovely face 
           And wonder if this is all a beautiful dream!!

          I  Feel like building a pretty home for us both in a place

           Serene and remote only for us  both and  live our life  together forever

            Your wide eyes leaves at a loss of words my cherubic damsel

            Even after watching you winklessly and endlessly  I am never tired of it.


~ by Dimsy on February 17, 2011.

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