Thalattu (Aaraaro)- Siruthai Lyrics


Aaraaro Aariraaro Ambulikku Naer Ivaro..
Thaayaana Thaai Ivaro Thanga Radha Thaer Ivaro..
Moochuppattaa Noagumunnu Moochadakki Muththamittaen
Nizhalupattaa Noagumunnu Nilavadanga Muththaamittaen
Thoongaamani Vilakkae Thoongaama Thoongu Kannae..
Aasa Agal Vilakkae Asaiyaamal Thoongu Kannae..
Aaraaro Aariraro.. Aariro Aariraro..
Aaraaro Aariraro.. Aariro Aariraro..


~ by Dimsy on January 24, 2011.

21 Responses to “Thalattu (Aaraaro)- Siruthai Lyrics”

  1. super song from siruthai i like very much sooooooooooooooooooooo sweet karthi perfoms is very nice

  2. super song……………………..

  3. NICE……………………………….

  4. i liked this song, this song which i do for my brother

  5. i loved this movie i am a fan of karthi i love you karthi i love u so much

  6. i love u karthi i love u so much my heart is with u

  7. hi karthi sir ungaloda performance super, athulaium antha sirippu romba sweet, neengalum surya 6 pack try pannaliya……

  8. very nice song…….

  9. superb

  10. I love this song very much…….Excellent lines…

  11. nice song im love tiz song

  12. i love this song very much my lover is my first child and i use sing this song for him in the night to make him sleep

  13. wow superb song..luv dis absolutly terifc gr8 wat a pleasant felin u get aftr hearin dis n of course d muvee is roket roking..

  14. I love this song very much. i like this movie also very much.i love Ratnavel Pandian IPS and Rocket Raja.I LOVE RATNAVEL PANDIAN IPS AND ROCKET RAJA.

  15. I lvove this song vvvvvvvvvvvvery much……………….

  16. i wish ma mother is there to make me sleep with sang the song with full of love


  18. i liked this song very much…..
    i lost my mom last year…
    this song makes me me remember her…

  19. i wished ma mom was here to lisen this beautiful song

  20. very nice song

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