Kamal Kavidhai (Translated into English)- Manmathan Ambu Lyrics

A man’s warning to another man about a woman:

If she looks straight into your eyes,

She has no dignity, so beware;

Did she hold hands with you in an instant?

She is a (bitch); beware,

If she talks aplenty while undressing,

She has plenty of experience (on bed); beware,

If she talks aplenty after intercourse,

She might fall in love with you; so beware

If she speaks of literature and poems,

She is one who will have no respect for money; so beware

Does she say she loves being with you and wants to remain with you?

That’s definite trouble; beware.

A woman’s desire on all this perceptions:

Just like how you wait for the seeds to grow after you plough,

Treat lust just as such, Reap it only when the time is Ripe;

If being together is the only purpose of all,

Lust can wait to be secondary;

Do not think too much about what women think about you,

Take life as it comes your path,

Men and women are like the dice,

It goes either way; There is no superiority,

In an act as bygone as lust,

Assure that love doesn’t get mixed into it;

A woman’s prayer to song to Varalakshmi (Kamal recites):

I want a husband, With white perfect teeth,

Who will whisper slowly into ears after intercourse,

And gently bite my neck,

I want a husband,

Who smells like a baby, sans any smell in his mouth,

I want a husband, who after intercourse,

Stays back and helps me wash off the acts of lust,

And not be disgusted by it;

I want a husband;

Who will help me while I’m cooking;

I want a husband,

Who will provide me with a shoulder to lie on;

At times when I want release my anger,

He should have a chest as strong as rock to take my hits;

But beyond that chest, I want a soft, compassionate heart,

I want him to have a head with big brains;

I want him to have loads of savings in his bank account;

And plenty of money to live life with;

I want loyalty, I want devotion;

At times when I demand for my own freedom,

I want him to have the presence of mind to grant me my freedom;

So that I’ll get a husband as such,

I prayed for nine days; (Navarathri),

And I went searching for the one believing that my Varalakshmi will grant my wishes;

(To the beach)

As I placed my feminine steps on the beach and walked,

I saw men with big fat bellies walking the beach;

I saw saints,

Who gave up all their posessions, and submitted themselves to the will of God;

(naked, sans property of clothes)

Who were sleeping on bed with naked women;

I saw my elder sister’s husband;

Even though he fits most of my criterias;

At moments when my sister is not around;

He desires for a (keep, extra marital fling);

I stopped caring about religion and race,

And I searched everywhere;

But I realized men with husband material are a rarity in the marriage market;

I ask my Varalakshmi again;

From you I asked a wish to be granted;

I shall ask you Varalakshmi;

How did you find your husband?

How far did your wishes come true as far as your husband is concerned?

How is your man, whom I can only see lying down all the time?

(Referring to Lord Vishnu)

All the stories that are told about your husband,

All the tales;

Did they happen for real?

Does any woman, you (Varalakshmi) included, ever get the husband who fits all the criteria?

If it really came true for you, you are truly lucky;

If as such; do give similar luck in finding,

Sri Varalakshmi Namostutey.


Credits to Ram Gopal’s website


~ by Dimsy on January 8, 2011.

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