En Kadhal Solla (Translated into English)- Paiyaa Lyrics

En kadhal solla neram illai
un kadhal solla thevai illai
nam kadhal solla vaarthai illai
unmai maraithaalum maraiyaadhadi

There’s no time to express my love for you
Neither do you have to show yours
Words fail to express our love
Even if you try to hide it…Truth can’t be hidden for long…

Un kaiyil sera engavillai
un tholil saaya aasaiyillai
nee pona pimbu sogam illai
endru poi solla theriyadhadi

I haven’t longed to stay in your arms
On shoulders, I don’t wish to rest
You may leave, I won’t be sad
I don’t even know to lie like this

Un azhagale un azhagale
en veyil kaalam adhu mazhai kaalam
un kanavale un kanavale
manam alaipaayum mella kudai saayum

Your beauty and just because of your beauty…I feel the monsoon in this hot summer
Your dreams and just because of your dreams….Waves rise in my heart….
Kaatrodu kai veesi nee pesinaal
endhan nenjodu puyal veesudhe
vayadhodum manadhodum sollamale
sila ennangal valai veesudhe

When you swing your hands with the wind and speak
The storm actually rages in my heart
The mouth and the mind keep secrets
Some internal desires spread net (NEEDS CORRECTION)

kadhal vandhale kannodu dhan
kallathanam vandhu kudi yerumo
konjam nadithenadi konjam thudithenadi
indha vilayaattai rasithenadi

When love arrives at your doorstep…a naughtiness fills your eyes
Little acting…little suffering….I enjoyed this game….
Un vizhiyaale un vizhiyaale
en vazhi maarum kan thadumaarum
adi idhu yedho oru pudhu yekkam
idhu valithaalum nenjam adhai yerkum

Your eyes…just because of your eyes…I stray from my path and my eyes wander
It’s a new yearning that I am unaware of….It pains…but the heart wants more
Oru vaarthai pesamal enai paaradi
undhan nimidangal neelatume
veredhum ninaikaamal vizhi moodadi
endhan nerukangal thodaratume

Without saying a word…you see me
Let your seconds be longer than a minute…
Without thinking about anything else…please close your eyes
Let this bonding continue…

yaarum paarkkamal enai paarkiren
ennai ariyamal unai paarkiren
siru pillaiyena endhan imaigal adhu
unai kandaale gudhikindradhe

Secretly I look at myself….
I look at you without my own knowledge
The moment my eyes are set on you
They jump up and down like little children

En adhigaalai en adhigaalai
un mugam paarthu dhinam yezha vendum
en andhi malai en andhi malai
un madi saiyndhu dhinam vizha vendum

My mornings….My every morning….I wish to wake up while looking at your face
My Evenings….my every evening, I wish to fall on your lap and end my day


~ by Dimsy on August 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “En Kadhal Solla (Translated into English)- Paiyaa Lyrics”

  1. hey i was thinking if you could translate Vazhai Oru from Inithu Inithu here? would be very helpful. thank you.

  2. wow!!!!!!!!!!!1 excellent job fantastic lyrics……….. dedicated to my love vimal sudhan

  3. awesome song

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