Thillalangadi- My Movie Review

Well let me start with the few good points from the film. We have to congratulate Yuvan SHankar RAja for his fabulous tunes throughout the film especially sol pechu, idayam karaighirathe and pattu pattu pattampoochi. Secondly vadivels comedy never fails to entertain us, he could have been used more in my opinion. Santhanam’s comedy on the other hand was very dry and the character was almost not needed.
When looking at the main characters, jeyam Ravi. Ayyo what a character, rlly hated it but we should not forget he acted his part very well, as did Tamanna although her character also was very typical and annoying to watch.
Shaam performed his part well.
Now let’s look at the story line. Krishna loves ‘kick’ so he loves playing around in life to have found two couples dead because they can’t afford treatment for their daughter. So mr Krishna decides to steal government money to cure all children with diseases. This is obviously illegal, the funny thing is at the end he’s nt even punished for stealing all the money, enna koduma sir ithu?
The story line gets very boring near the middle where nisha (tamanna) leaves krishna’s life because hw failed to do the job she wanted him to do!
The comedy in the film is interesting at times bt there are times when it gets tedious and annoying and you just feel like punching jeyam Ravi in the face.
So in my opinion taking into account this is the remake of telegu hit film ‘Kick’ and the considerable amount of hype for this film, this is a very stupid movie, the story line is poor, and the movie is a FAIL
If u stil want to watch it, watch it for the songs and vadivelu the rest is utter rubbish.
1.5 out of 5


~ by Dimsy on July 29, 2010.

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