Aathadi aathadi- Ayyanar Lyrics


Mayangurendi-2 Manasukkulla Vattamittu Mayangurendi
Norungurendi-2 Kanavukkulla Sikkikkittu Norungurendi
Yengurendi-2 Thanimaiyila Buththikkettu Yengurendi

Aathaadi-2 Kaathaadi Aanendi
Unnai Thaedi-2 Thisaimaari Ponendi
Aathaadi Aathaadi Kaathodupponendi
Oonjalaadi-2 Unaithedi Vanthendi
Kaadhalaagi Kaatril Aadi Midhikkiren Vaayendi
Aadi Aadi Thedi Thedi Thavikkiren Vaayendi
Tharaiyil Vandhaal Yendhikkolladi Adi Adi Adi (Aathaadi)

Thenam Paduththum Kannula Engum
Penney Un Mugam Thoandrudhadi
Mayangurendi-2 Manasukkulla Nee Manasukkulla
Thenam Paduththadhum Kannula Engum
Penne Un Mugam Thoandrudhadi
Thenam Nadakkaiyil En Nizhal
Undhan Pinnaal Thaaney Odudhadi
Virumburendi-2 Unnaal Ennai Virumburendi
Virumburendi-2 Undhan Vazhi Thirumburendi
Thudikkirendi-2 Manasukkulla Neeye Neeye Nee
Aathaadi-2 Engirundhu Enakkena Vandhedi
Aathaadi-2 Enakkena Pirandhaval Nee Thaandi… (Aathaadi)


~ by Dimsy on June 27, 2010.

33 Responses to “Aathadi aathadi- Ayyanar Lyrics”

  1. Thaaaanks 🙂

  2. woww this song is really heart touching song and lovely song to hear it

  3. great work and thanks a lot

  4. thx for d lyrics…….grt sng! wud b a grt hit in few days :)waitinnn

  5. Superb Song and thanks for the lyrics written for this movie fabulous lyric writting and all the other songs also good.

  6. Nice Song.. Nice to hear too. :):):)

  7. Thanks a lot… I search this song for past 1Hr. now only i got the lyrics and the song..

  8. nice song superbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  9. superb song touches our heart………….its very special for those who had fallen in love

  10. a superb melody song!!!!!!!! & very touching tooooooo……..:-)

  11. my favorite song[:)]

  12. this is the feel of love. wonderful music. and lirics.



  13. wonder full song excellent

  14. nice song………… i like it very much………..superb

  15. amazing song.. lost myself into the musc……. dint kno d film name. somehow found n diz s my hello tune now. superb so superb……………

  16. superb yar. i can feel the love and theme of the song

  17. superb song…….. nce lyrics i hope the video is better

  18. gayathiri nai satham podama iru kundi.

  19. good job…i realy2 lk tiz song…thx..

  20. Superb song yaaaaaaa!!!!. A GOOD JOB I GUESS!!! UUUMMMMMAAAAXXX!!!

  21. wow……….nice song….dis song is dedicated to my sweet heart

  22. Ahhh my favourit…..i luv him

  23. Superb Song,Love it!!!

  24. This is my favourikte song. what a fantastic song. i love
    this song.

  25. wonderful song ………….. feel like very good while
    hearing and seing the song

  26. what a superb song!it is my favourite song.it really
    touches my heart

  27. song sucks


  29. really nice song….
    i love this song

  30. wow superb song.i like this

  31. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee song

  32. ithu paatu……unmaiyai sollum paatu…
    just want to hear it again n again…thankzz

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