Vaarayo Vaarayo- Aadhavan Lyrics [NEW]




f: vaarayo vaarayo kadhal kolla
poovoda peshadha kaatru illa
yen indha kadhalo netru illa
neeye sol maname

m: vaarayo vaarayo monalisa
pesamal pesudhey kangal lesa
naal thorum naan undhan kadhal dhasa
ennodu vaa dhinamey
ennodu vaa dhinamey

f: ingey ingey oru marlyn manroe naan thaan
un kayyin kaambil poo naan
nam kadhal yaavum then thaan

m: poove poove nee bodhai kollum paadam
manam kaatrai pola odum
unai kadhal kangal thedum

f: ah lai lai lai lai
kadhal leelai sei sei sei sei
kaalai maalai

m: un silai azhagai
vizhigalal naan viyanthen
ivanudan sernthedum

f: vaarayo vaarayo kadhal kolla
poovoda peshadha kaatru illa
yen indha kadhalo netru illa
neeye sol maname

m: neeye neeye andha juliet-in saayal
un dhegam endhan koodal
ini thevai ellai oodal

f: theeye neeye naan thithikindra theeye
enai muthamiduvaaye
idhazh muthukkulippaaye

m: nee nee nee nee my fair lady
vaa vaa vaa en kadhal jothi

f: naan muthal muthalai
ezhudhiya kadhal isai
adharkoru aadhara sruthi nee

m: vaarayo vaarayo monalisa
pesamal pesudhey kangal lesa
naal thorum naan undhan kadhal dhasa
ennodu vaa dhinamey
ennodu vaa dhinamey

ennodu vaa dhinamey

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~ by Dimsy on August 21, 2009.

98 Responses to “Vaarayo Vaarayo- Aadhavan Lyrics [NEW]”

  1. Idal muttam kulirpaaye

    Nee nee nee nee my fair lady (?)
    Vaa vaa vaa en kadhal jodi

    Naan mudhal mudhalaay ezhudhiya kadhal isai

  2. thanks music lover 🙂

  3. beautiful lyric……

  4. thnq sooooooo much!! 😛

  5. thanku for the cute lyrics

  6. thank youuu ..i love this song soo much

  7. Hey can u pls translate the lyrics to English? Thanks.

  8. its marilyn mondroe not malrnednro

  9. nice song with cute lyrics and surya rokzzzzzz

  10. osum sng!!

  11. its Adhurk oruu vaathada shruti nee not
    Adhurku vaathada shruti nee

  12. its

    Oho le le le le Kadhal nllai

    Sei sei sei sei kaalai maalai


    Oho le le le le Kadhal illai

    Sei sei sei sei malai varai

  13. un kayyin kaambil poo naan

  14. oh lai lai lai lai
    kadhal leelai sei sei sei sei
    kaalai maalai

  15. really superrrr song…surya really rockzz…..

  16. reli nice kadhal lyrics…


  18. nice lyrics. thanks

  19. great work.. Thanks 🙂

  20. I love this song, Thanks

  21. Song which can make ppl go mad i.e can make anybody fall in love-a beautiful feel relation simply awesome

  22. idk tamil…. but i heard dis song by accident…. hes gta n awsm smile………

  23. harris is rocking …thanku music lovers

  24. super lyrics

  25. love is a feeling this song express thal feeling

  26. superb song surya always rock

  27. beautiful song….. i luuv it ya!!!!

  28. who wrote the lyrics for this song?

  29. a nice song i have ever heared

  30. nee nee nee nee my fair lady? is a doubtfull line i dont think so in the original song

  31. super composition thanks to harris

  32. nice lyric…i luv it..

  33. ya superb lyrics!

  34. lastpara is rocking.

  35. song is so coolllllllllllllllllll & rokng & loves suryas smile & he always rokzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!.iam always a mad fan of him

  36. this is swathika.iam a mad fan of u suryaaaaaaaaaaaaa.u realy rockzzzzzz with ur magical smile nd ur romantic eyes!!!!!!!!!
    no words 2 expres d feelings & u r a rock star.

  37. Good lyrics. I love it.

  38. thanx a lot

  39. soo………………………………………………….nice

  40. great music composing and amazing dance coriography

  41. i like tis song very much.and tis song is so close to my heart.tis is attracts me soooooooooo much.tis so pleasant to here.thanksw for ur lyrics.

  42. mokkai song
    better luck next time

  43. … Ohhhh ..Nice one machi … thans 4 Crore …. Kiss Kiss ..

  44. ya super lyrics and nice songs in adhavan excellent!!

  45. very…….nice……….lyrics……..

    harris heart beat composing………….




  46. i love dis song

  47. dis is like i and siddu


  49. good song ……….

  50. thanks for your song

  51. very………………………….nice……….song.
    so melodies song .
    surya was handsopme in this song .

  52. really fabulus song by HARRIS sir.


  53. i like this song.haris composing is very super.i like surya.

  54. i luv u surya

  55. i luv varayooo………..

  56. harish jayaraj rocks forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. wat a song. i love to watch this because of surya romance. wat a nice action surya you always rocks

  58. very nice song… this song forever

  59. wow super lines and very beautiful music i loved it

  60. i luv u surya………………..

  61. i luv ur eyes n smile surya……..

  62. nice song !!!!!!!!!!harrish rocks.

  63. hey suriya ,we love u pa and we love jo and diya tooo

  64. good compositon harris

  65. awesome songs

  66. i love this song very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. what a great song and i love this song forever

  68. wooooooooooooow superb song i am a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad fan of surya i want to meet him surya keep rocking lovely song all the best for your singam

  69. suriya i love you .it is a romantic song

  70. wow what a beautiful song

  71. hy surya rocks

  72. hy suya is so smart

  73. i like this handsome guys song very very very very very very……….. much…………………………….

  74. hii shanti

  75. i love varayo song sso mch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. superb song thanx for the lyrics ya

  77. my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavourite song…luv tis song…mad on tis song!

  78. Love u Suryaaaaaaa!! ❤
    Superb song! =)

  79. surya rockz in this songs is so awesome

  80. nice song surya rocks but more than me karthi onli rocks

  81. surya u r soo handsome

  82. Fantastic lyrics in a wonderful music. This makes the song to be a fanta-derful song.Hats off to this song.

  83. hai! its realy a superb song for ever and ever……………

  84. no words to say that much excellent & extrordinary music

  85. lovely song

  86. Diplamo in Mechanical Engineering

  87. Amazining music
    Super film illu

  88. please please please translate ittt in English please !!!

  89. red– all fans message me in this id am suriyas brothers (karthi’s) wifes (ranjani’s) cousine 🙂 plzzzz add me in fb ma name is rose angel rithu ma email i n fb red–

  90. 😛

  91. 😀 😉 😥

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