Kannalane- Bombay Lyrics (in tamil and english)


kaNNaaLanE enathu kaNNai naetrodu kaaNavillai
en kaNgalai paRithukkoNdum aeninnum pEsavillai
aaLana oru seithi ariyamalE alaipaayum siru pEdhai naanO
un paerum en paerum theriyamale uLLangaL idam maaRum aeno
vaai pEsave vazhi illaye vali theera vazhi ennavo


unthan panchaadai vizhunthathil nenjam nenjam
tharikettuth thazhumbuthu nenjam
enthan mEladai paranthathil konjam konjam
pirai mugam paarthathu konjam
rattham kodhi kothikkum ulai kothithidum neerkkumizh pola
sittham thudithudikum puyal ethirthidum oar ilai pola
panithulithaan enna seyyumo moongil kaattil thee vizhumbothu
moongil kaadenRu aayinAL mAthu


oru minsaarap paarvayin vEgam vEgam
unnodu naan kaNdukondaen
oru peNNodu thondridum thaabam thaabam
ennodu naan kandukondaen
ennai maRanthuvittEn intha ulagathil nAnillai nAnillai
unnai izhanthuvittaal entha malarilum thEnillai thenillai
ithu kanavA illai nanavA ennai kiLLi unmai thelindhaen
unnai paarthenthan thAymozhi maranthEn


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~ by Dimsy on July 7, 2009.

26 Responses to “Kannalane- Bombay Lyrics (in tamil and english)”

  1. thanks…. for the lyrix

  2. i like this song , lyrics and music.

  3. thank you so much for the lyrics
    love this song till no end!

  4. nice song n thx for the lyrics….

  5. mindblowing

  6. nice lyrics

  7. superb song mindblowing

  8. i juz wan sang this song to him…but……he left me dy!

  9. super song


  11. Very nice composition and very good lyrics…Chitra mam voice very very nice….

  12. i like this website very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  13. in this movie song
    “kaNNaaLanE enathu kaNNai naetrodu kaaNavillai”
    there is a men’s chorus, too.
    But for me it is very difficult to hear correctly what this chorus is singing.
    I’d be very happy to get the words or exprexssions of what this men’s chorus is singing

  14. I love this song very lovely song.

  15. thanks for rehaman for giving this wonderful song…. I
    like rehaman for these types of songs….

  16. superb songs!!!!!!!

  17. one of my fav song

  18. Thanks . I lik dis song very much . Once again thnks fr u . . . .

  19. superb lyrics

  20. i love d songs thankz for lyrics

  21. song superbbbbbbbbbbbbb.
    i like this song veryyyy muchhhh.
    this song is one of my favourite song.

  22. Thank u so much for translating this song in tamil and english.

    Because i like this song very much.

    This song is one of my fav song.

    Thank u.

    Thank u so muchhhhhhhhh.

  23. Hats off to Chitra….

  24. very nice. can never forget the song. this is the song that iam going to sing for ever for my life patner. thanks rehman and chitra mam.

  25. awesome song! You can hear this ‘n’ no. of times!!!!!!!!!

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