Guzarish (Translated into English)- Ghajini HINDI Lyrics


Tu meri adhoori pyaas pyaas, tu aa gayi mann ko raas raas, ab toh
You are my unquenched thirst, I’m in love with you
ab toh tu aaja paas paas, Hai guzaarish
Please come to me at least now, this is a request.
Hain haal to dil ka tang tang, tu rang ja mere rang rang
The status of my heart is pitiful, let’s get you colored in my hues
Bas chalna mere sang sang, Hai guzaarish
Just walk along with me, I request you.
Kehde tu haan toh jindagi, zharano se chhutke hasegi
If you say yes, life will smile at us,
Moti honge moti raaho mein yeah yeah yeah
Our paths will be strewn with pearls, yes.

Shishe ke khwaab leke, raato mein chal raha hu, takara naa jaaun kahin
Taking along dreams made of glass, I’m walking the nights, I hope I don’t collide somewhere.
Aasha ki lau hain roshan, phir bhi tufaan kaa darr hain, laun bhuj naa jaye kahin
Light is the flame of hope, yet, I fear the hurricane. I hope the flame doesn’t extinguish.
Bas ek haan ki guzaarish, phir hogi khushiyo ki baarish.
Just one request for your approval, then it will rain happiness on us.

Chanda hain aasman hain, aur baadal bhee ghane hain, yeh chanda chhup jaaye naa
There is the moon and the sky, and also the gloomy clouds, I wish the moon doesn’t hide itself
Tanhaayi das rahi hain,aur dhadkan badh rahi hain, ek pal bhi chain aaye naa
This loneliness is killing me, and heartbeats are on the rise, my peace is long lost.
Kaisi ajab dastaan hain, bechainiyaan bas yahaan hai.
This story is so peculiar, only impatience is left here.


~ by Dimsy on June 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “Guzarish (Translated into English)- Ghajini HINDI Lyrics”

  1. Thanks for the lyrics and the translation.

  2. Wow What a wonderful lines i also this lines.

  3. Thanks a lot, i love this song a lot. if have the ringing tone of this please lend me.

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