Kaatrukullai- Sarvam Lyrics


Kaatrukkulle vasam pola vandhaai enakkul nee
Kattukkle mazayai poley aaga unakkul naan
Maraadhe…. Mannoodu endrume
Mazhai vaasam….. nenjodu unnaipoll
Theeradeeey…. Kannodu enndrume
Uyireeram … epodhum ennai pol.. ennai pol

Nadu kaatril thanimai vandadey, azhagiya aasai unarvu thandade
Ulagam maruthey .. uyir sugam thedudhey X2
Ila peyil thodamal pookal mottaga engum thengaddi nee
Pudhu vergal kai seerthu pachai neer korthu soozhum egandam nee X2


Kadal katril idhayam pattadhe, adhil undan peyarai azhuthi cholludhe
Alai madi needudhey, adhil unnai endhudhe X2

Thangaadhee.. thagangal manila
Un moochil… ushnangal thaakudhe

Neekaadhey… niram mattram endrume
Un degham, naadedho pogudey!

~ by Dimsy on May 29, 2009.

33 Responses to “Kaatrukullai- Sarvam Lyrics”

  1. awesome ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. heyy…thnks is it possible to get the english translation to this song ?

  3. its a nice song yuvan voice rocking me i love yuvan & yuvans music, voice and everthing . . .

  4. brilliant intro,,,,background score is awesome…..with rusty voice of yuvan and a gud song to hear

  5. awesome….. i lov ths sng…

  6. fantastic song with U1’s voice

  7. nice lyric….

  8. very nice lyrics and I like to hear this

  9. hi
    yuvan voice is good
    the music is good
    the lyric is excellent

  10. song is so good to hear

  11. Thanks…


  12. sintilating music compose n cutest trisha i luv d vibratos n song n yuvan’s shrill voice

  13. thanks alot…..
    great song………..

  14. wow.. what a song.. really have to thank yuvan.. yuvan voice is really rocking.. 🙂


  16. I love this song very much ummmmmmmmah.

  17. love start with heart rite

  18. lovely song. kills me….

  19. cool …………..
    damn cooolllllllll
    listen to it and land into love

  20. awesome song, lovely lyrics. ! The base in tis song is superb, it brings the feel , the base starting from the lines maarathey. .

  21. nice song…beautiful lyrics

  22. excellent songs takes us to a different world

  23. The song gives a fantastic feel of love….. Yuvan’s voice has interpret it really well……. The visuals of this song is alsp ultimate…. And d whole the credit goes to vishnu vardhan yuvan and neerav shah

  24. i love this song as well as yuvan.he is rocking.

  25. The song & the back ground score is the most awesome thng with U1’s VOICE>>> THANX for the lyrics

  26. song rockkkkkkzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz u11111111 u r the real horooooooo ar rehman is a zero

  27. wah,,,very nice song,,,i lke the lyrics of tiz song so much,,,damnnn,,,luv u yuvan,,

  28. u1 rocks everywhere……………..!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  29. mesmerizing lyrics d music !! jus makes 1 ntr into de mysterious world f luv..

  30. awesome song and melodies so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  31. wtf is with rahman being a zero? up yours fatso

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