Africa Kaatu Puli(Translated Into English)- Aalavandhan Lyrics

(Male Vocalizing / Begin Instrumental)

An African forest tiger,
Man-eating predatory tiger,

(Background Males Vocalizing African)

An African forest tiger,
Man-eating predatory tiger,
It lurks around seeking the,
Scent of its past life,

(Brief Instrumental)

Before the song is done,
It has to finish the hunt,
With eyes that spit fire,
It searches,

(Brief Instrumental)
(Background Males Vocalizing African)

In my past life,
I came as a grass-grazing deer,
As a tiger,
Why did you come and kill me?
Then I came as the prey — the deer,
Now I come as the predator — the tiger,
Even if you were to hide in the sky,
I will have my revenge,
Taking your blood,
I will make myself a bath,
Now and forever,
Only if I murder you horribly,
Will my anger change,
Once I’ve won this war,
And splashed in blood,
I will become a flower in tiger form,

(Background Males Vocalizing African)
(Background Males Vocalizing)
(Instrumental / Background Males Vocalizing)

I have seen I have seen,
The consequences of sin,
I have brought I have brought,
A curse of murder,
Then then,
I was the Narasimma avatar,
Now now,
I am a tiger avatar,
Seeing the anger in my eyes,
The wind will move like lightning,
You can beg,
But I will still kill you,
And this avatar shall end today,
I did not live in my past life,
I have not slept in my current life,
But tonight I shall sleep peacefully,

(Background Males Vocalizing African)
(Female Laughter)


~ by Dimsy on October 19, 2008.

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