Vaaji Vaaji (Translated into English)- Sivaji The Boss Lyrics

Male :
Poombaavaai Aambal Aambal
Oh flowery girl

Punnakayo Mouval Mouval
Your smile is sweet like a fruit

Un Poo Vizhi Paarvai Pothumadi
Your flowery glance is enough

En Poonga Ilaikalum Malarumadi
Even the leaves in my garden would bloom

Un Kaal kolusoligal Pothumadi
The tinkle of anklets is enough

Pala Kavignarkal Karpanai Thavidupodi….
The inspiration of poets would multiply

Female :
Vaaji Vaaji Vaaji – En
Come Sivaji!
Jeevan Nee Sivaji
You’re my life!
Vaaji Vaaji Vaaji – En
Jeevan Nee Sivaji

Anbaa..Vaalai Edu
My dear! Take out your sword!

Azhagai Saanayidu !
and sharpen my beauty!

Un Aan Vaasanai
En Meyniyil
Nee Poosividu !!
Smear your fragrance over me!

Male :
Adi..Nettai Nilavey..
Rettai Thimirey..
Oh tall moon! With your dual arrogance

Nenjil Mutti Kollu …
Bump onto me and kill me
( Vaaji … )

Male :
Oru Vennilavai
Manakkum Manmathan Naan
I am the cupid who would marry the silver moon
En Thennilavey
Oru Nilavudan Thaan
My honeymoon would be with the moon
Aval Yaarumillai
Itho..Itho..Ival Thaan..
There’s no one but her!

Female :
Punnagai Perarasey
Oh Emperor of smiles!

Then Kulaithu Poovukkul Kulippeera ?
Care to bathe in the nectar of this flower?

Vidiyum Varai Maarbukkul Iruppeera ?
Will you rest in the bust till dawn?

Vizhikalukkul Siru Thuyil Kolveera ?
Or have a nap in the eyes?

Male :
Solvathu Kuraivu
Seivathu Athigam
I talk less with girls but do great things

Seyal Puyal Naanadi …
I am a man with extreme action

( Vaaji … )

Male :
Pon Vaakkiyamey..
Vaai Vaathiyamey..
Words from a girl’s mouth are like musical notes

Ul Valaivugalil
Ulla Nelivugalil
In your body’s crevices and waist plaits

Vanthu Olinthukondaen
Sugam Sugam Kanden !
I hid and it was ecstatic

Female :
Aanatha Veriyil Naan
aadaikalil Boomiyai Mudinthu Konden
In the eternal bliss, I hid the earth in my robes

Vinveliyil Jathi Solli Aadi..
Vellilaavai Sahatiyum Aakki Vitten
In the space I dances and made the moon marshy

Male :
Kumariyin Valangkal
Oh gosh! You have the features of a maiden

Kulanthaiyin Sinungal
and sulk like a kid

Muranpaattu Moottai Nee …
You’re a bag of controversies

( Vaaji … )


~ by Dimsy on August 23, 2008.

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  2. 4th line is not correct in terms of translation i guess… pala kavignar thavidupodi means the poems of many scholars would be shattered into bits when compared with u… plz make tht change….

  3. hi…do u have an english translation for Poovakkul (Jeans)?

    thank u

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