Athiradee (Translated into English)- Sivaji The Boss Lyrics

Athiradikkaaran – Machan ! Machan ! Machandi !
He’s a man of thunderous action!

Avanukkelaamey – Ucham ! Ucham ! Uchamdi !
And would overcome anyone

Male :
Thi ! Thi ! Jega Jothi ! Jothi ! Jothi !
Oh pretty girl! Everyone roams around you!

Thala Pa Thi ! Vedi Jaathi ! Jaathi ! Jaathi !
This commander! Would blast all religious fanatics

Adi Billa Ranga Baasha Thaan..
Am a don of all dons

Ivan Pistol Pesum Beshaa Thaan..
My pistol talk would be effective

Rathi ! Thi ! Sutta…
Oh girl! If you fire everything would explode!

Chorus :
Dakkaal Dakkaal
Dammaal Dummeel

Ja Ja…Ja Ja…
( Rathi… )

Male :
Dil Dhik Dil
Thendral Nenjil..
Breezing heart skips a beat!

Anril Kunjil..
A sweety tiny bird!

Jil Jil Jil
Ginger Pennil..
You’re cold like ginger beer

Jil Endroru
Jin Thaan Kannil..
Your eyes are like gin

Chorus :
Dada ! Thottu Konja Thodha –
Ah don, at your touch

Sittu Sikkuthey ! Sokkuthey !!
the girl gets mesmerised

Oru Shocku Yerum Padu Shokka !!
An electric shock rises nicely

Thotta – Onnu Rendu poata
Ponnu Thulluthey ! Thalluthey !!
If you fire two shots the girl gets anxious

Vedi Vettu Poda Vilum Flatta !
She topples at seeing an explosion

Male :
Gun ! Gun ! En Step Gun !
With a gun, a stun gun!

Roger Moore Poley – Dishum !!
I resemble Roger Moore, fire!

Munnaal Pennundu !
Girls circle me

Enthan Pinnaal Kannundu ! Paar !!
I’ve eyes even at my back

Female :
Fun ! Fun ! Un Love Fun !
Your fun, love fun

Eddy Murphy Pol – Naughty !!
resembles Eddie Murphy’s

Male :
Nee Enthan –
Maan Thaan..
Naan Thaan..
Don Thaan !
You’re my love dear
And I am the don

( Athiradikkaaran… )

Saranam 2 :

Male :
Man ! Man ! Man… Superman Thaan
Mid Nightula – Spiderman Thaan !
Am superman! And spiderman at night!

Female :
NRI Unthan Eye Thaan
James Bond Pol Seiyum Spy Thaan !!
Oh NRI! Your eyes spies like James Bond

Cuba – Pola Oru Theeva
Ponnu Nikkuthey ! Mukkuthey !!
The girl stands like the island Cuba and hesitates

Chorus :
Enthan Tension Erum Romba Fasta !
Mercury rises fast

Caestro – Pola Intha Maestro
This maestro yearns like castro to come close

Sontham Kollavaa ? Killavaa ??
will you allow me to pinch?

Intha First Nightu Enna Waste-a ?
This nuptial night shouldn’t be wasted

Male :
Bun ! Bun ! Nee Sweet Bun !
you’re like a bun, a sweet bun!

Butter Jam Poley – Naan Thaan !
Am like the butter jam stuffing

Unthan Meley Thaan – Naan
Otti Kolla Thaan Vaa !!
Allow me to smear myself on you

Female :
One Two Three
Four Five –
Mutham Thanthaaley Then Thaan !!
Kiss me to make me honey

Male :
En – Anbey
My Fair Lady – Nee Thaan !!
My lady love, my fair lady!

( Athiradikkaaran… )


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