Elay Ulagham- Sakkarakatti Lyrics

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neram vandhiduchi elay
ulagam kathirukku vaaley
kadavai thiranthu poley
pudhayal pangu podava …podava

neram vandhuduchi elay
ulagam kathirukku vaaley
kadavai thiranthu poley
pudhayal pangu podava

vaazhkai ennum camera-vil naam
vaazhkai ennum camera-vil naam
punnagai mattum pugaipadam eduppom
valigalai ellam flashil pottu
refresh panni dhinam dhinam sirippom

Elay …Elay.. Elay
mottai maadi mela yeri elay
telescope-a vachi pakka vaaley
galaxy-il kudhikkalam meley
science-i kalakkida vaa

time machine-nil yeri chendru naamum
hiroshima yudha azhivai thaduppom
victor brain-i surgery seidhu ange
gundukku padhilai pookal edhuthu vaipom
charli chaplin-kku tamizh solli tharuvom
masa masa-nnu valarnthu vittom
masa masa-nnu valarnthu vittom
masa masa-nnu valarnthu vittom


mazhai megam enge adhai thedi
naam viratti chendru pidithiduvom
maram kodi vaithu mazhai vandhal
varuga varuga endru vara-verpom
antenna-vil amarum paravai azhaithu
veetil vandhu koodu katta solvom


~ by Dimsy on July 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “Elay Ulagham- Sakkarakatti Lyrics”

  1. My favourite song in the movie🙂


  3. My Sakkarakatti songs review =

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