Sakkarakatti- Music Review & Songs

ARR has once again hit the floors wiv another
wicked Album: Sakkarakatti Cho Sweet (love the
name itself)

Superb song- nyc music background and lovely singing
I lyk the flute thing- it sounds quite old fashioned at
the beginning but its ARR- he can make even old music
sound sparkilng NEW

I Miss You Da
I love the beat and the music at the start. The
‘Emine’ gives it good effect. Not the best singer ever- maybe
Mamta Mohandas should have sung this one.Nevertheless a
very nicely composed song

The beginning sounds ‘Harris Jeyaraj’ish. The song itslef
sounds like that. Its okay.

Naan Epodhu
I heard this song a few years ago in Hindi. It sounds even better
a few years later in tamil!! I fell in love with it as soon as I heard
it! I don’t rlly get the song lyrics , I mean:
“Naan eppodhu pen annen”??????????

I like this song and Madhushree sings it very well but
its not the best from the album unfortunately. It’s quite
slow but nice background music and ARR’s nananananaa covers the

Taxi Taxi
Best till last ey?? It’s amazinggg. I just LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the beat
and Blaaze is bakkkkkkk (yeyyy)- I love him!! And of course my second
fav singer: Benny Dyal frm ATM also sings!!! The lyrics are very good
and the whole song is composed fantastically!!! This what u call ARR’s
magic. No one can beat him! (I love the French bit as well- it sounds
This song will definately make the guys go crazyyyyyy!!

every time I hear it I feel lyk dancing!!! Whoooooo hooooooo

mm see bale bale
mm see ole ole
mm see ole ole

Rasi Rasi…nanban kidaithal ellam oasi
Taxi Taxi..nanba nee oru ilavasa taxi….
OVERALL Rating: 9.5/10

Verdict: Excellent

Download Songs from-


Lyrics Coming Soon..


~ by Dimsy on July 14, 2008.

9 Responses to “Sakkarakatti- Music Review & Songs”

  1. your review is exaggerating boss.there are 3 hindi remake songs(naan eppodu,chinnamma from meenaxi,marudhani from zubeida) 3 new songs elay and taxi are awesome.there is more missing in ‘i miss you’ da so rating of 7.5 to 8.5 will be good.

  2. Well for me arr’S MUSIC IS ALWAYS ABOVE 9


  3. superb

  4. i am surprised , u did not understand
    nan epodhu penn anen ??????really .
    but u fell in love with the song .

    it is about fallin in love actually .
    realisin u r for the first time attracted not for the person ,but for de man .
    even i got attracted to this number at once .
    specially the portion “yarum illa kadal karail…..”and rahamans treatment to the lyrics

  5. well ders nuttin wrong wiv loving its songs
    without understanding da proper meaning of the lyrics

    i mean der r millions of pplz listenin 2 songs
    frm a completely different language which dey dnt even understand

    even white pplz listen 2tamil music coz dey lyk it
    dat doesnt mean dey understand da lyrics

    neways just felt lyk saying it

  6. music is a language beyond words ,
    it was my mistake i did not communicate what i wanted to .

    i was a lil surpprised because you know tamil dat well
    and the lyrics spoke about a very common feeling or incidents that a girl would come across .

    but ur right …..
    if u truly love music ,doesnt matter what the language is

  7. lol

    ok thanks for understanding neways

  8. I loved Marudaani (however, Sadana Sargam or Shreya Goshal would have been better), Taxi (heavy beats are really good) and Elay (violin in the background really creates a magic)

    It’s a good album!!!!

  9. UR review is very biased, lol.

    JK. My review would have been exactly the same except I like “marudhaani” better than “naan eppodhu”

    I LOVE taxi taxi!!

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