Marudhani- Sakkarakatti Lyrics




marudhaani vizhiyil yean

adi podi dipaali

mangai endra kaanalai kattum - kadhal

kaanal endra gangai kattum

vaazhum payirkku thanner vendum

kadhal kadhaikku kanner vendum

marudhaani vizhiyil yean

adi podi nee dipaali

aahayam man medhu saayadhu

nijamana kaadhal thaan

nilayana paadal thaan

adhan oosai ennalum ooyadhu

avan idhaya veetil vaazhum

aval thegam vendhu pogum

ena avan arundhida maattan

sottu neerum sudum podhum (???)

kaadhali kainagam ellam

pokkisham pole avan semippan


oruthikkaga vaazhgira jaadhi oh

unaravillai innoru padhi


aval avan kaadhal nenjil

kandaale siru kutram

avan nenjam thaai paal pole

ennalum parisutham

aathiram nethiram kooda

kaalayum kallai aval parkirai


aaga motham avasara kolam oh

avallukku idhai kattidum kaalam


~ by Dimsy on July 14, 2008.

44 Responses to “Marudhani- Sakkarakatti Lyrics”

  1. I love this song

  2. I toooooo

  3. Nice songs… I love it 3..

  4. i cant find a substitute for this melody…..

  5. 8yThank’s for greate post.5x I compleatly agree with last post. sbk
    паркет и ламинат 8m


  7. Simply Wonderful!!!

  8. this is the only reason i forgave my boyfriend
    i am really repenting y i fought with him

  9. lol
    funny reason😛

  10. very cute song..i like very much yar..!!.

  11. hats off to A.R.Rahman… awesome song…

  12. Please translate this song to english

  13. ini avan arundhida maatan sottu neerum “sudum sorum”….

  14. Mind bobbling and very good voice from the lady who sung this

  15. Whats with the sadness in the eyes?
    Water is essential in life
    Tears are essential in erasing love
    Whats with the sadness in the eyes?
    The sky wont fall on the earth
    True love is like a long lasting song
    The melody will never fade away
    His heart stays at home
    while her soul stays burned
    Now he’ll be taking neither drink nor food
    he’ll collect the memories of love & keep them as terasures
    The kind who lives for the only one,
    not understood by the other half.
    she found fault in his heart,
    his heart is so pure and divine.

    guys this is by my understyanding,my tamil sicks but i tried my best
    i write lyrics so i can dig meanings in yeaa…hope i made no mistakes…its a really wonderfull song…

  16. This is a great song and thank you so much for thisi am singing this song for my grade 6 vocal and thnks so much for the lyrics! GREAT SONG!

  17. most lovely song i ever heard…great job my madhu shree.

  18. Hats off 2 A.R- Well one. Awesome beautiful song.

  19. wen tinking dat even nw a days such kind f melodiaz song appears in da Tamil Cinema, feel realy proud! Hats off 2 our mos lvble A.R. Congrts!!! lovbl sng! I lov it. Tnx 2 Madhu Shri for her fabulz voice

  20. awesomeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  21. veryyyyyyyyyyyyy awesome n heart touching song N I LIKE SHANTHNOO veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much. he is so cute

  22. i love shantanu and ishitha in this song. i love this song particularly because of ar. rehman. rehman always rocks. i wish shantanoo to come up with massive hit films in the future.

  23. srini this my fauorite song igave you the lyrics

  24. nenjoadu kalanthidu uravaalae
    kaalangaL maranthidu anbae
    nilavoadu thendralum varum vaeLai
    kaayangaL maranthidu anbae
    oru paarvai paarththu naan nindraal
    siru poovaaga nee malarvaaya
    oru vaarththai ingu naan sonnaal
    vali poagum yeN anbae anbae
    kannaadi yendrum udaindhaalum kooda
    pimbangaL kaattum paarkindraen
    puyal poana pinnum pudhu pookkaL pookkum
    iLavenil varai naan irukkindraen
    mugha moodi aNihindra ulagidhu
    uN mugham yendru ondrengu yeNNadhu
    nadhi neerilae ada vizhundhaaluma
    andha nilavendrum nanayaadha vaa nanbaa
    kaalangaL oadum idhu kadhaiyaagi poagum
    kaNNeer thuLiyin eeram vaazhum
    thaayaaga needhaan thalai koatha vandhaalum
    uN madimeedhu meendum jananam vaendum
    yeN vaazhkkai nee ingu thanthadhu
    adi uN naatkkaL thaanae ingu vaazhvadhu
    kaadhal illai idhu kaamam illai
    indha uravukku ulagaththil peyarillai
    oru paarvai paarththu nee nindraal
    siru poovaaga naan malarvaenae
    oru vaarththai ingu nee sonnaal
    vali poagum yeN anbae anbae

  25. nice i love it very much

  26. I love this song very much thank U for posting this song

  27. i love dis sng vry much……. i love u A.R.R …….. A.R.R always rockzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………

  28. eni avan arunthida maattan sottu nerum sudu sorum…….

  29. Nice song..

  30. thank u dear actually i want some lirix but not get……but now i get that one from this site so again thanku yar

  31. very superb and fantastic tooo………

  32. Donno what Rahman eats, drinks and breathes… what different does he do to create such music?? Awestruck… Especially the humming in between by him has digged deep into my heart!

  33. Nalla paatt. Enik ishtapettu. Bcoz A.R Rahman..
    Nalla song. Romba Nandi 4 the lyrics.

  34. i love tis song when i hear tis i use to fell the presence of my lover i love himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i need himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  35. i love u shantanoo very much u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute in this film

  36. I like dis sng so sooooooo….much!!!

  37. Simply superb..

  38. Nice song! i enjoy to the most

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