Secret of Success


Singer: Lucky Ali, Blaaze, Vasundhara Das
Music Director: AR.Rahman

hey… hey…
Say sa.. sa, say ri.. ri
say ga.. ga, say me.. sa what?

maathi yosae (5)
That’s what we say

ho hoa…

sarigame padhanise
maathi yosae
That’s what we say

Luck kaal kilo Loss kaal kilo
Labour kaal kilo saethukko
bakthi kaal kilo Hope kaal kilo
Talent Kaal kilo
yellaam dhaan saerthu kattinaal
periya pottalam
Secret of success

sarigame padhanise
That’s what we say

indha isai sondha isai
imsaiyilae vandha isai

To be a star
We’ll show you how
Reach for the skies and
Never Never give it up…
(we wake it.. jus take it..)
ho hoa hoa…….
vali dhaan vetriyin ragasiyamae

we are the boys… (4)

kutti suvar yaeri vetti kadhai paesi
kaadhal jolly’il paadam gaali thoazha
Adolescent age’il andha sugam thaedi
choodu pattu poanoam thoazha
thappaana root’il sendru
right’aana root’ai kandoam
mistakes are the secret of success
naam oadi poanoam ulagam purindhadhu
avaLukkaagavae uzhaikka theRindhadhu
love is the secret of success
(saregame pathanise…)

Here we comein’
Yeah, we coming up with something and
You know that we are bringing it to number 1
Full of fun and laughter
Comein’ lil faster
Yeah, you know we are number one

kurangena udumbena pudichadha pudi pudi
adikkadi varuma sandharppam
announce paNNi varuma label otti varuma
oru naaL varum’da seize day
(saregame pathanise…)

Blade dhaan bore dhaan kashtam dhaan
nashtam dhaan
irundhaalum adichu solvaen dhaan
vetrikkoru secret vetrikkoru shortcut
naermai naermai naermai dhaan
oho hoa…….
naermai dhaan vetriyin ragasiyamae (5)
saa ree gaa mae… (3)


~ by Dimsy on October 2, 2007.

One Response to “Secret of Success”

  1. i really love dis songggggg…………

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